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A High-Quality Website is Essential for All Businesses

Small business owners that want to increase the size of their business need to pay close attention to how they advertise and market. To start with, it is extremely important to have a website that not only meets your business needs, but that also appeals to and is convenient to use for your customers. If […]


Mandrien in New York City Becomes the First Business to Benefit from Our Marketing Creativity Spotlight!

Whatever your business, it’s always important to stay one step ahead of the competition. As you know, we are great believers in niche marketing as a way to do that. So today, we’re going to discuss useful and not so useful ways to find yourself a niche. And as a mini case study, we’ll use […]


Starting a Blog As a Marketing Strategy

As always I am looking for new ways to make a sale. I am a bit old to be starting a blog, but right now I have lots of time on my hand and sitting in my office all day has started to bore me., even though I only show up at the office four […]