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My name is John Summers and I have been working as an internet marketer for the past year or so. I have tried many things to make money on the internet but there is one thing that keeps coming up trumps and that’s Niche Marketing. Everywhere you look in the internet marketing field you will find somebody making a go of niche marketing in some form or another. Everything to do with Internet Marketing involves using a niche. Just have a look at the results when you type internet marketing into Google. Every product, service, program, website, blog or whatever will somehow have niche marketing involved in it. It is the basis of all Internet Marketing.

So, I decided to make a website or blog-whatever you want to call it….all about niche marketing and the different models, strategies, products and programs that savy internet marketers and affiliate marketers are using to make a buck in this difficult to master industry.

When I first started to look at the internet and how I could make some money on it, I was fooled into looking at all the shiny glossed over “make money now” stuff. Yes, I got suckered into quite a few scams and rubbish programs that promised me all the riches I could dream of. I bought this push button thingy here and collect a million bucks thingy there and that just pay this much each month and tons of prospects will join under you blah blah bullshit. I spent heaps of money and tried all kinds of crap. Many are some vaiation of the old pyramid schemes that I think are actually illegal, well they should be if they’re not.

Anyway after a while I started to learn things, I was developing skills and one of those skills was spotting the scams. These days I can sniff a scam a mile away and I ‘ll tell ya something you already know…there’s bloody heaps of them. I started to become despondent and skeptical..thinking everyone was dishonest and there weren’t any real ways to actually make money legitimately after all.

But one day I got an email that led me to a website that wasn’t a scam and it actually was really interesting and made so much sense and I started finding more stuff like it. I was finding stuff that was good, really good. I started learning things that actually worked and it dawned on me there was actually a real and prosperous side to this internet marketing stuff after all. It was a different niche all together. There is two niches, the “Make Money Online” niche which is full of scams, rip-offs and lies and there’s the “Internet Marketing” niche which is filled with real legitimate methods for developing an online business. I had been mixing the two up. Now that was quite a revelation as from that moment on, I only looked at the real goods. and it saved me a lot of time, money and disappointment.

These days I am an expert SEO and Niche Marketer. Basically, I build small websites targeting specific niches and then I monetize and SEO them. That’s pretty much it. Every one I make is better than the last. And every mistake I’ve made I haven’t made again. Man…this stuff actually becomes fun. Especially when you see the money coming in.

Have a good look around this site and I think you might find it’s pretty cool. I plan to make this a cutting edge website as far as keeping up with what’s what in the internet marketing world and especially in the niche marketing side of it.

So thanks for being here, I hope you enjoy it and find it useful, helpful, insightful or interesting.


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