Green Marketing

Why Everybody is Talking About Green Marketing

Green marketing is getting a lot of attention these days. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the boom in the health industry and the people’s growing concern about environmental issues like climate change and global warming. People are starting to realize that planet Earth is sick and that something has to be done about it. They’re becoming more health-conscious. More of them are starting to look into the labels of the products they use, to see if such products are environment-friendly or recyclable. Companies and businesses have realized these changes in consumer behavior and so they started adapting. Thus, the birth of the concept of green marketing.

Green marketing is the business of promoting and selling products and services with an emphasis on their environmental benefits. The product and service in question can be environmentally friendly in itself or simply created then packaged in an environmentally conscious way. In short, it’s selling products/services that are presumed to be both healthy to the body and safe to the environment. It makes the assumption that consumers will more likely be interested in buying a product because of its “greenness”. With that said, the goal of green marketing is to instill into consumers’ minds that “greenness” should be among their bases when purchasing a product/service. Green marketing is also often referred to as ecological marketing and environmental marketing.

Why Green Marketing?

Because it is simply the future! It’s as simple as that. As we stated earlier, people are getting more conscious about their health and the impacts of what they buy and use to the environment. This consciousness is not going to fade away. It will only grow through the years. Therefore, we can say that it is a growth market. There’s a reason why the largest companies in the world are jumping into the “green” bandwagon. They are seeing the potential and they are taking full advantage of it. You should too, no matter how small your business is. Making your products and services more environmentally friendly not only attracts more customers, it makes you stand out from your competitors as well. That’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Tips On How To Turn Your Business Green

  • Modify your production process so that the wastes you create are minimized.

  • If you are in the food industry, cut down your use of artificial ingredients.

  • Make use of green packaging meaning your product labels and packages should be recyclable.

  • If you are using brochures and fliers in your marketing campaigns, make sure they’re made from recycled paper.

  • Encourage and show your customers how to reuse and recycle the products they bought from you.

The Future of Green Marketing

The question now is “Is the green industry just a passing fad or is it here to stay?” Is it just another trend that will slowly lose momentum and fade away? Well, the market for environmentally friendly products and services are rapidly growing so it’s safe to say that the future of green marketing is a bright one.

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