Green Marketing on the Rise

Green Marketing is on the rise. Recent events are a wake-up call. The surge in natural calamities – massive tidal waves causing destruction, intense hurricanes never seen before, widespread floods wreaking havoc – tells us that mother earth is getting some beating it is having a hard time to heal from. Green Marketing was thought to be just another hype that will pass by. However, it shows no signs of decreasing its strength in determining choices for companies and consumers alike. Many would like to use processes and products that are not contributing to the destruction of the environment.

How does a business join the green marketing campaign? There are several ways. Any manufacturing process produces waste. Existing processes may have to be amended to decrease if not eliminate waste. The disposal of wastes produced should also conform to international standards. Many people now prefer organic materials as opposed to artificial materials. In manufacturing, the use of natural substances adds to the ‘greenness’ of a company. Materials used in packaging should be at least made from recycled or recyclable items.

It is not enough to claim that a company is ‘green.’ It is important that one is able to prove this claim. Consumers may feel skeptical about any company or product claiming to be ‘green.’ It is one thing to say that it is ‘green,’ and a totally different thing to lay the evidence that it really is.

Green marketing also means giving the public the needed information so they know the materials used and the processes involved in the manufacture of any item. It is wise to put in a company’s website the data to prove that a company does espouse ‘greenness.’

Pricing still remains an important consideration for any consumer. It is true that some ‘green’ products may cost more compared to others in the same category. In this case, it is important to note the added benefits of the product so more people may be inclined to choose the ‘green’ product instead of the other one. Often, this benefit has to do with a person’s health as ‘green’ products usually have health benefits besides environmental benefits. For example, a food that is grown in an organic farm – without the use of any chemical-based pesticide – would mean that none of these chemicals would be ingested by the person buying and eventually eating the food.

Green marketing is definitely on the rise nowadays. This will give a company benefits not just in profit but also getting a consumer base that support this ideal.

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