How I Get Auto Commissions Keeps Me a Top Seller

As a car salesman the bottom line for your income is how you get auto commissions. Notice that I did not say how much you get for auto commissions. If you want longevity in the business of auto sales along with one quality referral after another, it is how you get those commissions that count. When people come onto the car lot for the first time, it is easy to make a sale. You know they want a car, otherwise they would not be there. You can use all kinds of tactics to push a sale, and that can net you a good commission. However, does it help you get repeat business or referrals?

It is all about getting the customers respect and trust. I never liked that first-come-first-serve kind of mentality some salesman have. You’ve seen these guys. They pop between the rows of vehicles while you and your spouse are out there in the lot looking around.

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