Make the Mail Work for You

free ground shipping on orders over $ 45Even though the United States Postal Service reported that there would no longer be Saturday mail delivery, many people still use the mail to send bills and cards. In addition, many people report that they are using the mail for good old fashioned marketing. The marketing is for their business, and it is a very cost effective way to get your company name out there for pennies on each post card sent. Flyers or small post cards are some of the most popular ways small business direct marketing is working for many businesses who may not have it in their budget to advertise on a larger level.

Many people are on social media, and companies are using Twitter and Facebook as ways to generate more business, however, there are still a large group of people who do not want to become slaves to the social media networks and prefer to get their information either by word of mouth or even television and mail. Small businesses know that everyone checks their mail on a daily basis, and by using the direct marketing method using the mail, they will reach everyone within a certain mailing zip code.

If you would like to reach people within your business zip code then you can design a flyer or post card that you would like sent to all the homes within your preferred zip code. Each house within that zip code will get your mailer, and you will be able to generate business this way. Many people report that they will try a local business instead of a national chain for the purpose of community and to help the small business owner stay afloat. Use this to your company’s advantage, and get your business and services known, so you can generate more money on your bottom line.

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