Niche Marketing And The Influence of Social Media

How Will This Marketing Epidemic Affect Your Niche Marketing Efforts?


This little eye-opening video should get you thinking. Getting an idea of the over-all big picture can really help with your niche marketing. Before you delve right into your online marketing plan be sure to think of all the factors that may affect you niche marketing strategies or plan. The above video is a real shocker in terms of what’s going on in social media marketing today. Have a watch and see if you agree

Niche marketing is the way to market products, services and brands on the internet. The time where a company had one website for all their services has gone. However there are still hundreds of thousands of companies world wide which only have one website where they cramp everything together.

The Marketing History

Ten years ago a website was still a costly affair and a job for specialists. However with the new software systems of today, almost anyone who can type up a Word document can make a website. Websites are no longer expensive to develop, and can be made in a few hours. Of course with today’s techniques we can create more complicated systems than ten years ago. But the effectiveness of the website does not have to lay in the complexity of things.

Marketing Today

A simple website, with one banner, some text and a powerful; video, can bring more customers than very expensive systems which are not focused on making the sale.

A one page website works perfectly when you enter a niche market. And don’t get us wrong here, every company has something niche to offer to the marketplace.

Niche is the new buzzword. Lets say your company has ten niche products to sell, then the strategy should not be to have one website with all your products. But have one website where you present yourself your company and your products, and have separate websites for every niche product that is on offer.

Internet is the World Wide Web. A web is not created with one thread, it is created by lots of threads all interlinked with each other. Create your own web for your business, and you will dominate your niche market, because your competition is still in the stone age, and still has one website and is waiting for customers.

The internet is a net, not a fishing line. With one fishing line and one hook, you can catch one fish at the time. With a net you can catch a multitude of fishes. Add a qualification process to your sales pages, and qualify every lead, and you will end up with some great catch for your niche market.

The best niche marketing ideas are the basic ones. Go back to your own business core fundamentals, get rid of all the hoo haa, and offer you prospects one product at the time. The up-sell is offered after the first sale.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

When you prospect is looking for a product that you have on offer, he or she might enter a query in a search engine. If your website offers the product among another thousand different products, the search engine might publish your site, but most likely not on the first page.

When you have a webpage, which is only targeted towards that one niche products, the chances are you will end up on the first page, i.e. your prospect is finding you.

Applying niche market strategies makes sense. Creating some niche marketing webpages for your company does not need to be very expensive and can be done within days. Advertising these pages also becomes more easier as keywords are more targeted towards this one product.


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  1. Kimi Pelyo says:

    Did you guys pay a lot of money to have this web site designed? This thing looks bad to the bone. I need to get somebody to make me a cool web site like this. This thing is awesome.

  2. I like this article simply because you are absolutely right…

    Social media is the wave to ride and take your niche marketing to the next level. Gone are the days when one marketer will have 5 or 6 products on one page at least not if you’re a niche marketer.

    I really like this article and the video is on point…

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