Premium Content for Search Engine Optimization

There is no doubt that finding a premium SEO service can be difficult thanks to the sheer number of SEO services on the web, each of them claiming to be able to give you the best optimization services around. I fell for this myself, spending nearly a thousand dollars on services that did nothing in being able to return what they promised. I soon discovered during those first few months of having my own domain and a blog that I was attempting to gain some traction with that what was missing was high quality content both on my end and on the SEO provider’s end.

Fortunately an associate of mine linked me to a service called Liftmyrank from an advertisement that he found on the Warrior Forums, a community forum that is focused on providing optimizations services as well as content creation services. Due to Google’s Panda filter, an algorithm which filters out ‘quality’ content from that which is decidedly not ‘quality’. Basically, this has allowed Google to censor the web in a big way as they decide which to filter and what to not, forcing writers to change up their content in a meaningful way as to be beneficial for Search Engine Optimization.

It’s frustrating to think that Google can define the success of my blog in both direct and in-direct methods. Every change that they make to their web filters could potentially blacklist my own or at least diminished the page ranking of it, even going as far as to completely destroy my keyword portfolio. While I would prefer to be able to utilize multiple Search Engines, it’s just not going to happen. So much traffic comes from Google and therefore it’s imperative to be able to have the majority of traffic to come from their search engine.

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