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Niche Marketing – Is it for You?

All companies are engaged in niche marketing, even the big multinational companies. When a company offers a product or service that is tailored to appeal to a specific segment of the market, say for example teenagers or working mothers, it practices niche marketing. This type of marketing benefits many small companies: it is cost effective; […]


Niche Marketing And The Influence of Social Media

How Will This Marketing Epidemic Affect Your Niche Marketing Efforts?   This little eye-opening video should get you thinking. Getting an idea of the over-all big picture can really help with your niche marketing. Before you delve right into your online marketing plan be sure to think of all the factors that may affect you […]


Niche Marketing | Targeting A Specific Niche Online

Niche Marketing And The Internet Niche Marketing is that part of a industry a particular subject is targeting; Niche marketing is everything that is involved in targeting that product in its niche such as costing, where it is, methods of advertising, promotion adoption and other tactics that relates to specializing in the particular subject that […]